• Intellectual Property

    I have had the chance to perform focused R&D with esteemed colleagues and peers. Patents are one of many ways in which innovations are both understood and embodied. Granted US patents are listed below (most can also be found using this Google patent search)

  • US Patents Pending (Selected titles)

    (Co-inventors, ref. numbers, and details omitted here for brevity)

    System and method for improved situation awareness in immersive digital experiences

    Applications in virtual reality and serious work; Describes a systematic way to help users "live" within a multitude of virtual places, allowing for the fact that our main attention can only be really focused in one complex world at a time.

    Overt profile stylization capture

    Applications in home, living-room, virtual assistants, e-commerce, video streaming, more; A methodology for allowing users to explicitly tell those systems that are surveilling them to "watch me now" in order to overtly emphasize particular behaviors that may become a part of the surveillor's profile of the user. This is something users typically have no control over.

    Context-based just-in-time videogamers and spectators reconnaissance and assistance

    Applications in gaming, virtual reality; A system to help users get highly context-aware help they need - and in a timely manner - when they are "stuck" on challenges in gaming systems.

  • Granted US Patents

    (in custom sorted order)

    System and method to prevent surveillance and preserve privacy in virtual reality

    Co-inventors: S.Loeb, R.Neff

    US patent 11,443,059 - Granted 2022

    System and method for privacy-enabled mobile locator services with dynamic encounter horizon

    Co-inventors: S.Loeb

    US Patent 9,088,889 B2 - Granted 2015

    System and method for interactive projection and playback of relevant media segments onto the facets of three-dimensional shapes

    Co-inventors: C-Y.Wu

    US patent 8,762,890 - Granted 2014

    Method and system for generating and presenting mobile content summarization

    Co-inventors: none

    US patent 8,171,410 - Granted 2012

    Method and system supporting mobile coalitions

    Co-inventors: D.Famolari

    US patent 8,849,900 - Granted 2014

    System and method for capturing, aggregating and presenting attention hotspots in shared media

    Co-inventors: none

    US patent 8,296,675 - Granted 2012

    Method and system for mashing up and presenting contextual suggestions to mobile users

    Co-inventors: S.Loeb

    US patent 8,694,901 - Granted 2014

    Optimizing evaluation patterns and data acquisition for stream analytics in resource-constrained wireless environments

    Co-inventors: A.Misra, A.R.Chowdhury

    US Patent 9,137,282 - Granted 2015

    Method and system for multi-touch-based browsing of media summarizations on a handheld device

    Co-inventors: D.Famolari

    US patent 8,584,048 - Granted 2013

    Method and system to support user-centric selection of point of attachment through momentary interactive multimedia experience conveyance and through correlation of web links to quality and experience metrics

    Co-inventors: D.Famolari

    US patent 8,280,378 - Granted 2012

    System for intelligent context-based adjustments of coordination and communications between multiple mobile hosts engaging in services

    Co-inventors: S.Loeb

    US patent 8,255,505 - Granted 2012

    Method for systematic modeling and evaluation of application flows

    Co-inventors: K.Komandur, S.Loeb, D.Shallcross

    US patent 8,554,825 B2 - Granted 2013

    Method and system for improving personal productivity in home environments

    Co-inventors: S.Loeb

    US patent 8,620,846 B2 - Granted 2013

    Method and system to manage wireless communications of high-occupancy vehicles

    Co-inventors: M.Lai

    US patent 8,488,522 - Granted 2013

    Application service peering and aggregation

    Co-inventors: K.Cheng, V.Jokubaitis, F.J.Lin, R.Pinheiro

    US patent 7,912,902 - Granted 2011

    Querying target databases using reference database records

    Co-inventors: K.Cheng, M.Cochinwala, D.Egan, C-W.Lee, J.Wullert

    US patent 7,788,278 - Granted 2010